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Pneumatic Actuated Valve

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Pneumatic Actuated Valve

We are Pneumatic Valve Actuator Supplier. And Pneumatic valve actuator is powered by compressed air and is the driving device for opening and closing pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic gate valves, pneumatic globe valves, pneumatic diaphragm valves, pneumatic control valves and other pneumatic series of angular stroke valves. It is an ideal device for realizing centralized or independent control of industrial automation pipelines in long distances.

● Valve Options: Pneumatic actuator ball valve, Pneumatic actuator butterfly valve, Pneumatic flange ball valve, Pneumatic gate valve and Pneumatic globe valve, Pneumatic PVC ball valve, Pneumatic PVC butterfly valve.
● Actuator Types: Spring return(single acting) Pneumatic Actuator and Double acting Pneumatic Actuator.
● Body Material of Pneumatic Actuator: Aluminum alloy pneumatic actuators, stainless steel pneumatic actuators.
● Valve Types: Ball valves, Butterfly valves, High performance valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, 2psc ball valve, 3psc ball balve, Two way ball valve, Three way ball valve ect..
● Valve Body Material: Stainless steel, Cast steel, Ductile cast iron, PVC, UPVC.
● Applicable Medium: Water, Gas, Oil, Acid, Alkali, etc.
● Additional: if your have any requirements about our Pneumatic actuated valves, please welcome to write mail to us JESSIE@WZJIUYUAN.COM for getting more information and service from us.

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