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AW Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator Manufacturer

AW Series Pneumatic Valve Actuator

One of quarter-turn actuators for ball valves and butterfly valves. AW series pneumatic actuators have double-acting type and spring return type for your actuation needs. 2 Divided cylinders, larger output torque. Suitable for the valve which has higher torque needs.

Unleash the power of higher torque for your industrial applications. Experience enhanced performance, reliability, and precision with our robust rack and pinion design. Maximize your operational efficiency with our high-torque AW series pneumatic actuators.

Features of AW Series Pneumatic Actuators:

  • Flexible motion balance
  • The piston rod, hard chromium plating has good wear resistance
  • All sliding parts with oil free lubrication between shaft and guide ring to reduce the friction coefficient
  • Suitable for the ball valves and butterfly valves which require higher torque

AW-Series-Pneumatic-Valve-Actuator--(2) AW-Series-Pneumatic-Valve-Actuator--(3)

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