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Limit Switch Box 300 Series Manufacturer

Limit Switch Box 300 Series

Limit Switch Box is a field instrument to detect the valve status in the automatic control system, which is used to switch the opening or closing position of the valve (the signal output of the contact is accepted by the program controller or the computer search sample, and then execute the next procedure after confirmation. The product can also be used as an important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication in the automatic control system.


The HyM-4 series is meticulously crafted to meet the stringent demands of operating valves and actuators within hazardous environments. Its design embodies a balance of compactness and resilience, meticulously adhering to the EN50014 and 50018 standards. Certified for deployment in Zone 1 and 2 areas, it boasts an IP67 ingress protection rating, ensuring optimal functionality even amidst challenging conditions. Additionally, its standard aluminum housing is engineered to deliver unwavering explosion-proof performance, further enhancing operational safety.

litmit switch box 300 2 litmit switch box 300 1

Main Parameters

  • Solid and compact design with aluminum die-cast housing and polyester powder-coated finish.
  • Features a bolt-on Visual Position Indicator and “Quick-set” spring-loaded splined cam.
  • No need for readjustment after initial setup; easy to set without tools.
  • Equipped with dual cable entries and captive cover bolts to prevent loss during removal.
  • Utilizes NAMUR standard stainless steel shafts and brackets for durability.
  • Includes Omron switches for seamless operation.

limit switch box 300 Limit Switch Box 300 (6)

Key Features and Characteristics:

  • Aluminum die-casting housing with powder coating (optional SS316).
  • Bolt-on visual position indicator for clear monitoring.
  • Quick-set spring-loaded splined cam eliminates the need for readjustment after initial setup.
  • Tool-free and straightforward setting process.
  • Dual cable entries for flexible installation.
  • Captive cover bolts ensure no risk of losing bolts when the cover is open, enhancing convenience and safety.

We provide a variety of Limit Switch Boxes, if you have special needs, please get in touch with us directly!

Standard Specification


Product model IST-300 Shell material Die-cast aluminum
Position indication CLOSE-red switch

OPEN-yellow switch

Shell paint Black polyester paint
Cam-type Diamond cam red yellow Micro motion type 2-SPDT mechanical single pole double throw
Micro-movement contact Silver contact micro-movement Terminal block Copper core 8 position terminal
Voltage range Max 250VAC/DC Rated current DC250V 0.3A

See label for details

Protection level IP67 Ambient temperature -20°℃-+60C
Connecting thread 2XNPT3/4 Bracket style Movable mounting bracket
Optional accessories Waterproof joints and covers Bracket material Carbon steel paint

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