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Limit Switch Box 410 Series Manufacturer

Limit Switch Box 410 Series

Limit Switch Box is a field instrument to detect the valve status in the automatic control system, which is used to switch the opening or closing position of the valve (the signal output of the contact is accepted by the program controller or the computer search sample, and then execute the next procedure after confirmation. The product can also be used as an important valve interlock protection and remote alarm indication in the automatic control system.


The APL410N limit switch box boasts a compact, weatherproof enclosure featuring internal adjustable-position switches and external visual indication. Designed with NAMUR standard mounting and drive, it seamlessly integrates with quarter-turn actuators and valves. Constructed with a durable die-cast aluminum shell and a double-line interface, it adheres to explosion-proof standards with a rating of ExdIIBT6/ExtdA21 T80°C IP66, making it suitable for hazardous gas and dust environments.

The unit features an on-site visual position indicator, with internal cam positioning for swift adjustment to achieve signal feedback at various positions. Equipped with a NAMUR standard mounting bracket, it facilitates direct installation onto pneumatic actuators.


The HVM Series Valve Monitor is a compact weatherproof enclosure featuring internal adjustable position switches and an external visual indication. It adheres to the NAMUR standard for mounting and drive, making it perfect for quarter-turn actuators and valves.

The HV Series Valve Position Monitor employs a compact design to provide miniature weatherproof protection, housed in an aluminum die-cast enclosure with O-ring sealing. Its bracket conforms to ISO 5211 and the NAMUR standard.

Key Features and Characteristics

  • Housing: Solid aluminum die-cast construction with polyester powder-coated finish for durability.
  • Visual Position Indicator: Bolt-on design for easy monitoring.
  • Splined Cam: “Quick-Set” spring-loaded mechanism eliminates the need for readjustment after initial setup; tool-free adjustment.
  • Cable Entries: Dual entries provided for convenience.
  • Cover: Captive bolts prevent loss when the cover is removed.
  • Shaft and Bracket: NAMUR standard stainless steel components ensure reliability.
  • Switches: Equipped with Omron switches for functionality.

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Outline Dimension Drawing


Standard Specification


Enclosure Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4&4X
Cable entries Two NPT1/2″
Ambient temperature -20°C~80°C
Terminal strips 8 points (0.05-2.5mm²)
Position indicator 0~90° (90° turn free join) close: red open: yellow
Switches Mechanical switch x2 proximity sensor x2
Painting Chromate Polyester powder coating(black)

Material of Parts

Housing Cover & Body A luminum die casting O-ring NBR
Shaft Stainless steel Bushing Bronze
Indicator cover Polycarbonate E-ring (Shaft) Stainless steel
Cam Polycarbonate Earth Lug Stainless steel
Spring Stainless steel Indicator ABS/Polycarbonate
Housing cover bolt Stainless steel Bracket Stainless steel


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