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Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve is composed of pneumatic actuator and butterfly valve. Pneumatic butterfly valve is a pneumatic valve that uses a circular butterfly plate that rotates with the valve stem to open and close to realize the activation action.   It is mainly used as a shut-off valve, and can also be designed to have the function of adjusting or shutting and adjusting.

Features of Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve

  • The design is novel, reasonable, unique structure, light weight and fast.
  • Small operation moment, convenient operation and convenient maintenance.
  • It can be installed in any position and convenient for maintenance.
  • The sealing parts can be replaced, the sealing performance is reliable, and the two – way seal zero leakage.
  • The sealing material is resistant to aging, corrosion resistance and long service life.
  • The structure is simple, the universal  interchange is good and the price is low.
  • Stem seal is not easy to deform to avoid the usual stem leakage.The overall support is good, stable and firm.
  • Seat rubber consumption, expand the potential impact of small, easy to control the torque values within the scope of the appropriate USES two pieces type stem connection without pin, simple and compact structure, convenient in maintenance disassembly.
  • The butterfly board has automatic alignment function, and the butterfly plate and seat small oversize fit. Phenolic back seat has the characteristics of non-shedding, tensile, leakproof and convenient replacement, Because seat airtight cover is integral to backrest, the seating deformation is reduced.

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